The February 10th episode of "Shark Tank" on ABC featured a new product called Puppy Cake.  We thought "great idea!" as we already buy dog frozen yogurt for Bella for holidays and special occasions, wouldn't a cake (or cupcakes) be a nice treat too?  Unfortunately the Sharks didn't get it.  Obviously they're not pet lovers.  At first they said "who would bake a cake for their dog?"  Then they could only see it as a once a year thing for birthdays, they were too narrow minded.  We love our dogs and love how excited they are by special treat foods.  It makes us happy to see them enjoy something so much.  Why wouldn't someone bake these treats periodically throughout the year?  So even though the sharks passed on the cake mix, we saw its value and are happy to say we are now distributors of the mix.  There are three flavors available, banana, carob and wheat-free peanut butter.  Check out the products on the products page for more information about each.