Festival of Trees - Santa Paws

by Peter
on November 23, 2013

 2013 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Festival of Trees.  Festival of Trees is an event which raises funds for historic preservation.  My PupPup.com has donated a tree this year called "Santa Paws."  You'll find lighted presents under the decorated tree where a sneaky dog in a santa suit has gotten caught up in some paw print ribbon.  You'll also get a sneak peek inside the home of a little dog who has his own sack of presents under his tree.  During the two week festival, donated trees are on display for public viewing and are raffled off on the last day.  All the trees have different themes, from underwater to out of this world and minions to dinosaurs.  The raffle winners receive everything associated with the tree.  For "Santa Paws" that means an ASPCA complete dog house, lighted presents, a Christmas stocking especially for your pup, a 4.5' lighted tree and trimmings including a 1 of a kind pup tree topper, a My PupPup 'That's How I Roll' shirt and a mechanical pup who dances to 'Dynomite.'  The festival runs from November 23rd to December 7th.  http://methuenfestivaloftrees.com

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

by Peter
on July 17, 2013

Everyone could use a vacation from time to time and the family dog is no exception. If you are planning a family vacation, consider whether or not you are going to take your dog along and then make the necessary arrangements. Whether traveling by car or plane, taking the time to plan every step of the journey is essential if you want to have a hassle-free experience for both you and your dog.

Flying VS Driving

While taking a plane from point A to point B may be quicker and more comfortable for most people, this is not necessarily true for pets. Unless you have a very small dog and your airline allows you to take the dog onto the plane in a pet carrier, your dog will likely be stored in the cargo area. This can be an unpleasant and stressful experience for even the most even-tempered dogs and you cannot assume that the cargo handlers will be as gentle with your dog as you would like. Traveling with a dog by car is often the best option, but even this mode of transportation can be troublesome. Some dogs have a great deal of anxiety when it comes to riding in cars and they can also become antsy during long car rides. If you plan to take your dog on a long road trip but sure he has adequate space to lie down comfortably and, if necessary, speak to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medications.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

While many hotels accept pets, there are a limited number that actually welcome them. When planning your vacation, look for dog-friendly hotels that will accept your entire family – including the dog. Some pet-friendly hotels go so far as to offer in-room dog beds and turndown service so be sure to ask about the available amenities when contacting the hotel. It is also wise to ask what fees are associated with bringing your dog along for the stay – many hotels charge a non-refundable pet deposit on top of a daily pet fee and may also charge additional cleaning fees. If you are taking a short trip, all of these additional expenses may not be worth it. Consider whether it would be cheaper to simply leave your dog at home with a pet sitter or board him at a kennel or doggie daycare center.

Other Travel Tips

Regardless which method of transportation you choose, it is wise to be prepared for any and every situation which could arise during your vacation. Take your dog to the vet before you leave for your trip to ensure that he is healthy enough for travel. Make sure your dog is up to date on his vaccinations and refill the prescriptions of any medications your dog may need. Once you have made your travel plans, make a list of veterinary hospitals along the way as well as in the location where you are staying just in case an emergency comes up and you need to take your dog to the vet. You should also be sure to bring everything with you that your dog will need – this includes food and water bowls, food, treats, toys and grooming supplies if it will be an extended trip. Remember that if you take the time to make all these preparations your trip is much more likely to go smoothly for both your dog and your family.

Advertise your Breed

by Peter
on June 05, 2013

I love to wear MyPupPup gear and have people ask me what a Cavachon is.  My Bella is the sweetest little dog and the inspiration behind the MyPupPup line.  I love to tell people about her origins and her loving disposition.  Your dog's breed may be one like Bella's that few people have heard about and this is a great conversation starter to spread the word about your dog's breed.

Personalized Long Sleeve T-Shirt Unisex

Things Every Dog Owner Should Know About Fleas and Ticks

by Peter
on May 24, 2012

You have probably seen television commercials for flea and tick medications like Frontline and K9 Advantix, but you may be surprised just how much you don’t know about protecting your dog from fleas and ticks. Every dog should be treated with a flea and tick preventive but there are several other things you should also do to keep your dog protected. 

Common Myths 

Many dog owners mistakenly believe that cold weather kills fleas and ticks, but the truth is that these insects thrive during the late fall and early winter. Though you may not see many ticks outside during the cooler months near the end of fall and the start of winter, they could still be living in your house. Another common misconception about ticks is that once a dog has been vaccinated against Lyme disease, flea and tick preventives are not necessary. This is absolutely false – even in humans, no vaccine is 100% effective and ticks are capable of carrying a variety of diseases other than Lyme. 

When it comes to fleas, many people assume that they only live in carpeted areas of the house. While fleas tend to prefer carpeted areas, they are also likely to live in the cracks between boards or floor tiles where they can easily hop onto your dog. Perhaps the most devastating myth associated with fleas is that if you find a few fleas in the house you have nothing to worry about. The truth is that the fleas you are seeing are probably adult fleas - there could be hundreds of eggs and developing larvae that you can’t see. Don’t assume that just because you can’t see them, the fleas aren’t there.

Tips and Prevention

Flea and tick populations vary seasonally and may be worse in some areas than in others. In order to protect your dog completely it is best to treat him with a flea and tick preventive all year round. Though flea and tick preventives are one of the most effective methods in protecting your dog, you can also find collars designed to deter fleas and ticks that will also kill their eggs. In some areas, however, fleas and ticks may be resistant to the insecticides used in these collars, so it may be best to pay a visit to your veterinarian to see what he recommends you use. In addition to treating your pet to prevent fleas and ticks, you can also take steps to control these insects in your yard. Keep your grass cut short and trim back overgrown bushes and shrubs. You may even go so far as to apply an insecticide to the shrubs in your yard or even to the lawn itself. It is up to you to make the choice that is right for you in preventing fleas and ticks, but keep in mind that the more you educate yourself and the more proactive you are, the less likely your dog will be to experience a problem.

Paws 4 A Cure

by Peter
on May 20, 2012

On a beautiful spring day the 5th Annual Paws 4 A Cure walk was held to raise funds to assist families who cannot afford medical care for their dogs and cats that are suffering from illnesses such as cancer.  The organization was founded in 2008 by Keri Goldman who lost her Chow Chow Nikko to cancer.  Paws 4 A Cure has paid out over $40,000 since its creation to help animals in need.  

My PupPup participated in the walk around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA.  Bella was a trooper walking along with us.  Temperature was a warm 78 degrees and animal water bottles were handed out at the start of the walk, but many a dog was heavily panting as we walked along. Some small dogs got some help from their owners and were carried for stretches here to there.  Dogs are allowed to go in the water of the lake and as the opportunity presented itself many dogs took advantage of this to cool off.  There were also some shady spots along the route where groups of dogs and their owners could be seen taking a rest.

Vendors of organic food and treats came out for the event as well as veterinary clinics, pet hospice care and pet cpr training facilities.  Bella sampled the apple cookies from the Bare Naked Dog Bakery which uses all natural and USDA certified organic human grade ingredients.  The New England Pet Hospice follows a human hospice model of care and helps those who care for elderly, special needs and terminally ill companions at home.

Many people turned out for the event enjoying the beautiful day with their pups and meeting other pup owners and sharing stories. We met a lot of great people with really cute, well behaved pups.  After everyone had walked around and had time to see the vendors it was time for the activities to begin.  The walk started with a biodegradable balloon launch, sending messages to pets that have passed. It was quite a sight to see all the purple balloons fill the sky. The balloon launch was followed by the walk around the lake.  Its about a 5K walk around the lake so everyone got a good workout.  Bella was definitely happy when we got back to the car and she could lay down and rest!

All different breeds of dog took part in the walk.  We saw Cavaliers, Great Pyrenees,Chihuahuas, Sheepdogs, Basset Hounds and Golden Retrievers to name a few.  No matter what breed of pup you have, and hopefully they are in good health!, you can still make secure donations on line to the Paws 4 A Cure organization.  Just visit http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/mypuppup/5th-annual-paws-4-a-cure-walk.


Do We Pamper Our Pets Too Much?

by Peter
on April 17, 2012

We recently received this article from a friend who thought we might find this interesting. The article was featured in the The Boston Globe Magazine called, Bringing up Baby: Why do we shamelessly pamper our pets? by Tim Lehnert 

The Boston Globe Magazine:

OUR EXTRAVAGANT SPENDING ON OUR ANIMALS GROWS UNABATED. This year, people in the United States will drop nearly $53 billion on everything from catnip to MRIs, according to an American Pet Products Association report released March 1. And a couple in Great Britain recently forked over the equivalent of about $15,000 on a face lift and tummy tuck for their bloodhound, Junior. Crazy, sure, but I completely understand. Two years ago, we adopted a Chihuahua/schipperke mix named Zeus. I soon began treating him like a son, which is kind of weird, because I already have two daughters. Granted, he’s not exactly a baby brother, but he is sometimes called “The Boy” and is copiously photographed. Moreover, like an infant, he carries on when left alone, and thus we engineer our weekend plans for him. 

Before we got Zeus, I didn’t get it. The gear was the first clue. We’re talking about a dog, I reasoned. How hard could it be? Hard. The pet emporium has a leash section, a treat aisle, and an entire wall devoted to toys. Long before settling on a collar, I had accessory rage. 
Zeus is oblivious to the consumer heroics I wage on his behalf. (The word “ungrateful” comes to mind.) He lives in the moment, puts his slobbery mouth on things he shouldn’t, and fails to observe my personal space. On top of providing him with food and janitorial services, it falls on me to structure his day. And since Zeus does not cook or do laundry, he has oceans of time. How does he fill these hours? By running away after I have told him to sit still for just one minute and pawing at things I have expressly told him NOT TO TOUCH. 

The concept of “you’ll thank me later” is a nonstarter with Zeus. Try putting a coat on a 17-pound dog on a winter morning. He suffers this indignity (barely) as you thread paw A through paw hole A and then move on to B. Naturally, as you are negotiating paw hole B, paw A has wriggled free. The last time I struggled so much I was trying to inflict onesies on my daughters. 
Communication is as challenging with pets as it is with infants. You gaze at an unspeaking interlocutor and demand, “Do you want Daddy to give you yum-yums?” Conversation then degenerates, if that is possible, to include poignant queries about elimination. (The upside is that you can make cheeky assertions about politics, the neighbors, even the spouse, and as long as you keep the kibble and belly rubs coming, nobody says “boo.”)   

I don’t know whether dogs are the “new” kids, but they certainly enjoy a similar lifestyle. Many a contemporary canine’s weekend is packed with birthday parties, play dates, and agility classes; during the week, more than a few are dropped off at day care. At the park, you can’t help but boast that your dog plays well with others. But if your beloved is terrible off leash, the blame falls like an anvil on you, the grown-up.   

There is, however, one difference between kids and dogs, fur aside, and it’s a big one: Dogs don’t change. Zeus will never grow tired of walks or seeing me come through the door. I also don’t have to worry that one day he will be exchanging inappropriate texts with the Shih Tzu next door. And let’s say down the line he decides he would rather hang out with his friends than stroll with me. Well, that will be just too bad for him, won’t it? 

We have friends who don't have dogs that tell us they don’t understand why we allow our dog Bella to dictate our lives. The answer is simple, it’s our choice because our dog Bella is part of the family and she makes us happy. Send us some pictures of your pamper pet?

What’s is the craziest thing you’ve done for your Pet?

Choosing the Cavachon, is it the right breed for you?

by Peter
on March 29, 2012

When we decided to get a dog we knew we had to find one that was "hypoallergenic" due to allergies.  We searched the internet for images of 'hypoallergenic' pups and the Cavachon caught our attention with its cute little face and big expressive eyes. We learned they are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise.  When we read about the traits of the Cavachon, including the fact that they have a low shedding coat which contributes to their hypoallergenicness, we knew this was the breed for us.  

Since they have hair, not fur, they need to be groomed about every 6-8 weeks.  Cavachons come in different color combinations including black and tan, buff and white, peach, peach and white, sable and white, tri-colored or black and white.  Our Bella is a beautiful black and white.  

When we had looked at pictures of Cavachons on the internet we thought we wanted a peach and white dog.  We went to a kennel that had two Cavachon pups, one male that was peach and white and a female that was black and white.  We went thinking we were going to come home with the peach and white, but when we saw the cute little black and white one in person we fell in love.  This was our Bella.

Cavachons usually reach full size at 15-35lbs.  At 2.5 Bella has been staying even at just about 20 lbs.  This is great for us since its easy to pick her up when we need to.  Cavachons need minimum daily exercise so they make great dogs for people that live in apartments.  Daily walks and some time playing fetch will usually satisfy them.  With our Bella if we take her out for a good walk in the morning she will rest until after dinner and then play fetch in the house for an hour or so before laying down to rest for the evening.  Bella is a complete snuggle bunny.  A lot of times she wants to lay on top of you, but sometimes she just wants to lay next to you with either her head, back or paw touching you to know you are there.

With a sweet, loving disposition, the Cavachon makes a great family dog.  They are generally easy going and child friendly.  One of Bella's best friends is our neighbor's little girl.  If Bella looks out the window and sees her in the yard she gets excited for us to take her out to say hello.  She acts all shy as she gently sidles up to the girl and bats her big eyes telepathically sending a message of "pat me, love me."  Cavachons are companion dogs and should not be left alone for long periods of time.  We spend a couple hours with Bella before work, visit her at lunchtime for a walk and potty break and then spend about 6 waking hours with her in the evening.  She also spends one day a week at Day Camp socializing with other dogs and people.  It's a good chance for her to play hard and feel comfortable being around different people and types of dogs. 

To find out if the Cavachon may be the right fit for your family, watch this video for a quick overview of the breed.  

*some info in this article from www.cavachon.org

Puppy Cake - Easter

by Peter
on March 19, 2012

With Easter coming up next month, its a great time to order a box of Puppy Cake mix as seen on Shark Tank.  It is available in three flavors Wheat-free Peanut Butter, Banana and Carob (a safe for dogs chocolate substitute) cake.  This great treat was featured on the ABC show Shark Tank.  This is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their product to investors in hopes of getting funding/using their connections to get their product manufactured and distributed.  The Sharks chose not to back this product, they weren't pet people and couldn't grasp the concept, but that was their loss.  My PupPup now carries Puppy Cake!  Here is your chance to try Puppy Cake for yourself and see just how much your pup loves this special treat.

Animal Planet's Too Cute

by Peter
on March 04, 2012

I watched a new show today that my owners had recorded on TV and I wanted to tell all my friends from My PupPup about it.  It's an Animal Planet show called "Too Cute" and it was all about little puppies!  I don't usually pay attention to the TV, but when I saw all the cute tiny puppies I had to stop playing to watch.  I stood on my hind legs and steadied myself with my front paws holding on to the tv stand.  My owners thought it was funny how I stood watching, wagging my tail.  This episode featured three types of puppies, Labs, Golden Retrievers and Shih Tzu.  We learned the Shih Tzu were bred by monks to look like lions and they do a little, well actually I've never seen a lion so I don't really know!  The Shih Tzu puppies were three sisters who lived with their Mom and Dad, but Mom was good at keeping Dad away until the tiny pups were big enough to meet him.  

The Golden Retriever puppies were examined to see if any would make a good show dog and one was picked out of the group to be trained.  They tested some of the pups before making their decision by having them go through an obstacle course.  That looked like fun.  I kind of have my own obstacle course I run at home.  When I want to have fun I grab something in my mouth that I'm not supposed to have (usually a sock!) and as my owners chase me I run into, under and around the kitchen table and chairs.  I'm really good at ducking under the rungs of the chairs and maneuvering around the legs!  The Retriever puppies who were not chosen to train were adopted by good families that will love them a lot.  

Some of the Lab puppies were black and some were yellow and when they were laying against each other they were so cute!  When the owners first took them outside it was funny because one looked around nervously and then tried to go back inside. He came around, though, and found he liked being able to run around outside.  The Lab puppies were going to be trained to be service dogs.  That is a great thing, for them to be able to help a human in need.  In Giving Back, on our My PupPup site, one of the organizations that you can choose to give back to with the purchase of a personalized product or limited edition t-shirt is called Top Dog and they help the owners train their own service dogs.  We all love our owners, but service dogs do something extra special.  I really liked this Animal Planet show and hope we watch it again sometime!

My PupPup Offers Shopping on Facebook Page

by Peter
on March 04, 2012

My PupPup Facebook Page My PupPup has recently added two new features on it's Facebook page to make it easier for you to order My PupPup gear and treats. Click on the shopping tab on the left hand side under our profile picture and you can see all new products we have to offer . Just click on the product you're interested in to find out more information. Not only will you be able to shop from your Facebook page but you can also see the new deals that are being offered by clicking on the deal button. Starting next week we'll be offering specials for our Facebook fans.

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